EnerDel News Release- 500th Vigor+ Battery Pack

EnerDel announces shipment of 500th Vigor + battery pack

Shipments of EnerDel’s lithium-ion PP320-738-LP Vigor + Allison approved battery pack for hybrid bus installations reaches new milestone

INDIANAPOLIS, IN – 18 Ma 2017 – Today EnerDel, a leading supplier of advanced lithium-ion batteries announced it had reached a major milestone in the shipment of its five hundredth PP320-738- LP Vigor+ production pack as approved Allison support equipment since the production product was introduced to the market. EnerDel’s Vigor+ packs are playing a major role in fueling the company’s resurgence as a major U.S. manufacturer of advanced lithium-ion battery systems. “The team here at EnerDel has done an amazing job keeping up with demand developing, manufacturing and supporting the Vigor+ pack,” said Michael Canada, CEO of EnerDel. “We expect to see continued triple-digit growth with this product in 2017”.

The PP320-738-LP Vigor+ pack is approved for use with the Allison Hybrid H 40/50 EP™ system installed in diesel-hybrid buses globally and is currently operating in buses throughout the United States and Canada in over a dozen municipalities. At 21 kilowatt/hours, he PP320-738-LP Vigor+ pack offers over three times as much energy and longer life than the original OEM equipment while maintaining the same package. The Vigor+ pack offers a robust transportation- grade product with built-in system control redundancies to ensure enhanced pack protection and user safety. It is designed to allow for easy-access to sub-pack assemblies, the air-cooled thermal management, and battery management systems.“We have had a great response to the Vigor+ packs from the municipalities and distributors we are working with. It is a great product with a strong value proposition for this market“, said Tomasz Poznar, VP of Transportation Sales.

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EnerDel Inc. is a privately‐held company headquartered in Indianapolis. It manufactures advanced, lithium‐ion batteries and energy storage systems for the electric grid, transportation, and industrial applications. The company’s prismatic cell design and modular stacking architecture combine to provide customers with production‐ready solutions that address their power and energy storage needs. For additional information, visit EnerDel.com.

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