News Release- Alaskan Hydro Application

EnerDel Technology Powers Alaskan Hydro Application

 EnerDel’s lithium-ion PP320-394 Vigor + battery pack  demonstrated with innovative river turbine project

INDIANAPOLIS, IN – 13 March 2017 – Today EnerDel, a leading supplier of advanced lithium-ion batteries, announced that a PP320-394 Vigor+ pack has been delivered to the Alaska Center for Energy and Power (ACEP), a research center at the University of Alaska Fairbanks. The battery will support a collaboration between Oceana Energy, Inc., and ACEP, integrating Oceana’s direct-drive hydrokinetic generator with an islanded microgrid-ready grid interface. The EnerDel Vigor+ pack will enable the turbine to follow demand in an islanded microgrid without requiring other power generation sources to be online.

“At ACEP, we regularly are searching for power systems components on be bleeding-edge of development, yet likely to survive the harsh operating conditions found in remote regions.  The EnerDel Vigor+ package meets our technical requirements, as well as, exhibits the necessary quality and robustness required for resilient power systems. EnerDel’s responsiveness to our design questions and support of their product convinced us to select the Vigor+,” says Dr. Marc Mueller-Stoffels, Program Director for Power Systems Integration at ACEP.

EnerDel’s Vigor+ line of products continues to play a major role in fueling the company’s resurgence as a major U.S. manufacturer of advanced lithium-ion battery systems. “We are excited to have the opportunity to partner with the Alaska Center for Energy and Power and Oceana Energy on this project, and are looking forward to providing future solutions for new power generation and grid stability approaches for islanded microgrids,” commented Dr. Tomasz Poznar, EnerDel’s VP of Business Development.

The PP320-394 Vigor+ is a compact, flexible, and modular lithium-ion battery pack currently operating in applications ranging from transportation to microgrids throughout the United States and Canada. The 11 kilowatt/hour PP320-394 Vigor+ pack offers robust transportation-grade packaging and built-in system control redundancies to ensure enhanced pack protection and user safety. It is designed to allow for easy access to sub-pack assemblies, the air-cooled thermal management, and battery management systems.


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