The EnerDel Mission

Who We Are

At EnerDel, we don’t just sell batteries, we offer solutions. We are a company of energy storage solution experts who apply intricate knowledge of lithium-ion technology, from the chemistry and the cells to the mechanical, thermal and controls systems to provide safe, reliable products to our customers.


EnerDel’s Values


EnerDel is committed to safety, beginning with ensuring a safe work environment for our employees to ensuring safe product design and best practices. From our opposing terminal cell design, all the way to our battery management system, we design our products with our employees, customers, and the communities we serve in mind.

Continuous improvement

We are continuously improving what we do and how we do it. EnerDel expects consistency from our employees and our products. We exercise critical economic thinking in all of our decisions to ensure a dependable reliable workplace.


We work with our suppliers and customers to develop and design new, innovative products and processes to deliver greater value to our customer’s applications. We continuously work to be knowledgeable of new and emerging technologies, to deliver the best possible solution and service our customers deserve