PP320-738-LP Vigor+ Battery Pack

EnerDel’s PP320-738-LP Vigor+ ESS is an Allison Transmission approved drop-in replacement pack for the Allison H 40/50EPTM hybrid drive system and can be used as an alternative to the NiMH ESS in new OEM builds or as approved support equipment alternative in existing buses. EnerDel’s PP320-738-LP Vigor+ ESS is Buy America Compliant and comes with an exceptional three-year standard warranty and with up to seven years available, the lithium-ion ESS offers long-life.

The PP320-738-LP Vigor+ has more than triple the capacity with 21kWh versus the 6.2kWh of energy that’s in the original OEM equipment while maintaining the same package. The Vigor+ pack offers robust transportation-grade packaging and built in system control redundancies to ensure enhanced pack protection and user safety. It is designed for high charge and discharge rates and ambient or chilled air thermal managements can be used for better efficiency and performance.

Key Attributes

  • Robust transportation-grade packaging and built-in system control redundancies ensure enhanced pack protection and user safety
  • Higher charge and discharge rates for better efficiency and performance
  • Ambient or chilled air thermal management

Applications EnerDel’s Vigor+ battery packs are designed for power applications and offer versatility across a variety of uses. Contact us for more details relative to your specific application.




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PP320-738-LP Vigor+ Battery Pack
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