EnerDel’s battery packs are designed to meet the challenging power and energy requirements of a variety of applications.

Our packs offer versatility across a variety of applications including transportation, heavy duty buses and trucks, industrial equipment, trolley buses, trams, construction, agricultural machines and military and civilian mobile hybrid power systems. Our lithium-ion ESS products offer industry-leading life spans and come with an outstanding warranty.

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Current Vigor+ Packs Leveraging Either Power or Energy Cells

With more than two million miles of on-road experience, EnerDel’s Vigor+battery packs are designed to automotive-grade standards with a focus on performance, flexibility, and safety for a variety of transportation applications. Unique features of these production-ready, off-the-shelf packs include:

  • Robust transportation-grade packaging and built-in-system control redundancies ensure enhanced pack protection and user safety
  • High charge and discharge rates for better efficiency and performance
  • Forced air thermal management with inlet and outlet filters