EnerDel’s Moxie+ battery modules are designed as building blocks and offer versatility across a variety of uses. The Moxie+ module offers pack designers and integrators a flexible solution for product development all the way through final assembly.

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Power Cell Technology

EnerDel’s power cell boasts excellent balance between energy and power and is made of NMC hard carbon or graphite. The cells are made with strictly-controlled processes and materials and are made with opposing plated wide cell terminals for enhanced safety measures. The opposing tabs provide assurance against corrosion and offer multiple fastener options.

Energy Cell Technology

EnerDel’s energy cell is made of NMC graphite. With over 40% greater capacity than our power cell, the prismatic cell is designed with the same form factor as the power cell counterpart. The energy prismatic cell is ideal for a wide variety of applications requiring long run times.

  • Prismatic cells allow for efficient stacking into modular designs
  • Integrated heat sinks allow for efficient heat removal
  • Flexible circuits for individual element voltage sensing and 12 temperature zone sensing
  • Robust packaging that protect cells against physical damage and/or vibration hazards